New Residences

The City of Quinlan has adopted the following guidelines for new residential construction.  Please read through the requirements carefully and submit completed forms and material to the Code Enforcement and Development Services Office. 

Residential Remodel/Addition

What is an Addition?

- Any construction work done to the main building that results in the addition of square footage to the footprint of the house. Additions could be carports, covered patios, sun rooms, bedrooms, or any other room that is enclosed or open and is attached to the main structure.

What is a Remodel? - Any interior or exterior construction work to the main structure such as moving walls, replacing windows, and any major electrical, plumbing, and/or mechanical work.

Permit Submittals

Residential Addition Residential Remodel
Residential Permit Application Residential Permit Application
Sets of floor plans to include all Electrical,
 Mechanical, and Plumbing
Two sets of floor plans to include all Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing, if applicable
Contractor Registration - Electrician, Plumber,
Contractor Registration - Electrician, Plumber, Mechanical
Site plan showing distance from addition to 
property lines and other structures, and showing all easements and existing structures on property
Not applicable
Foundations and Roofing plans Not applicable
What permit do I need to install a deck? - Because decks are not covered they are not considered additions to the footprint of the house nor do they have to meet setback requirements. However, any deck 30" off the ground requires a permit. A residential permit application and drawing showing the location of the house and location of where the deck is to be constructed must be submitted. Include all materials to be used and a description of how the deck will be anchored to the ground.

What permit do I need for a concrete patio? - Concrete patios do not require a permit if they are not attached to the house foundation. However, if you plan to cover or enclose this area at a later date a permit for the concrete is advisable to guarantee that the City has a record of the structural strength of the patio.