Identity Theft

Identity Theft has become a rapidly growing trend that involves related crimes in multiple jurisdictions.  Financial Institutions commonly require a police report for crimes involving identity fraud.

If you are a resident of the City of Quinlan and have been a victim of Identity Theft, you may call the non-emergency number at (903) 356-2500.  If you do not reside within the Quinlan City Limits, please contact your local police department and make a report with them.

Identity thieves often obtain money or personal information from victims through careful manipulation. Some will claim they are IRS agents and threaten your arrest. Others will pose as grandchildren, calling with an emergency request for wired money. A few will claim you won a clearinghouse or lottery, asking you to cash a check and return a fee in order to keep your winnings. And the "sweetheart scams," in which thieves use popular dating sites to build a relationship with their victims, then request financial help to cover an emergency or pay for a visit.

Before giving personal or financial information to someone via phone or website, The Quinlan Police Department recommends the following:

  • If anyone asks for money through Green Dot, Western Union or Moneygram, see it as a major red flag.
  • Verify the identity of phone callers who ask for money or personal information, even if they claim to be a relative or friend. It's okay to ask questions or even hang up!
  • Don't click on unsolicited email links, even if they appear to come from a legitimate website. Scammers can easily create fake websites that trick you into revealing passwords or personal information. Instead of clicking on provided links, type in the website address directly to log in.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be extremely skeptical of any person or organization that offers you large sums of money, whether they claim it is unclaimed tax refunds or lottery winnings.

Victim of Identity Theft? Notify Credit Bureaus 

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