What Is Stormwater?
Stormwater originates from rainfall and other precipitation that runs off of surfaces all over the city - rooftops, streets, lawns, etc. Stormwater makes its way into natural water sources and takes everything from city surfaces with it to these areas. 

Car Washing
When you wash your car on a compacted surface, the runoff containing soap, heavy metals, road grime, greases, and oils can enter the storm drains. Unlike sanitary drains, storm drains usually run directly into creeks, ponds, and lakes. Use a commercial car wash facility or find a grassy area at home to soak up the runoff. Protect our area's natural water resources! 

Current Stormwater Projects
We are continually trying to improve the stormwater infrastructure to better serve the citizens of our city. There may be a project going on in your neighborhood, so check here to see what we are doing.

Proper maintenance is crucial to keep the city's stormwater drainage facilities functioning. Learn how we maintain the stormwater infrastructure and what you can do to help by viewing our Stormwater Management Tips.